"Scene" Watercolor, 1954-55, 18x24"
"On the Swing" Watercolor, 1954-55, 13x20"
"Soulful" Watercolor, 2000's, 12x18"
"Jocelyn in the Stroller"  Watercolor, 1977, 9x12"
"Child" Watercolor, 1950's, 11x15"
"Girl with Bird" Watercolor, 1980's, 9x18"
"Young Girl" Watercolor, 1950's, 11x15"
"Child with Yellow Shirt" Watercolor, 1950's, 11x15"
"Two Men on Howard St" Watercolor, 1953-54, 14x19"
"Two Men on Howard St" Watercolor, 1953-54, 14x19"
""Homeless on Howard St." Watercolor, 1953-54
"Flowers" Watercolor
"Ramie in the Red Dress" Watercolor, 1953, 9x12"
"Alice in Wonderland" Watercolor, 1954, 7x11"
"Figure with Blond Hair" Watercolor
"Purple Flowers" Watercolor, 11x17"
"Figure - Hands Crossed" Watercolor, 1950's
"Face" Watercolor, 1950's, 10x13"
"Woman Fishing" Watercolor, 1960's, 9x12"
"Sketch of Model" Watercolor, 1990's
"Working on Howard St" Watercolor, 1953, 12x18"
"Two Sisters" Watercolor, 1960's
"Sisters on the Swing" 1954-55, 11x18"
"Five Children in the North Beach Playground" Watercolor, 1954-56
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