"Sketch of Model" Red felt tip, 1980's
"Girl with Bird" Watercolor, 1980's, 9x18"
"On the Swing" Watercolor, 1954-55, 13x20"
"Jocelyn in the Stroller"  Watercolor, 1977, 9x12"
"Sisters on the Swing" 1954-55, 11x18"
"Man with Hands in Pockets" Pencil, 1953-54
"On a Street in Harlem" Oil, 1940's
"Mother with Baby" Charcoal, 1950's, 8x9"
"Nina Simone" Pencil, 1960's, 9x11"
"Soulful" Watercolor, 2000's, 12x18"
"Pavarotti Singing" Pencil, 2000, 12x18"
"San Francisco Couple" Ink, 1954, 12x15"
"Brother and Sister" Oil, 1958, 27x36"
"May Day" Pencil, 9x12"
"The Chess Game" Ink, 1956, 11x15"
"Woman Fishing" Watercolor, 1960's, 9x12"
"Sketch of Model" Watercolor, 1990's
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