"Boat and White Birds, Sausalito" Oil, 18x24"
"On a Street in Harlem" Oil, 1940's
"Brother and Sister" Oil, 1958, 27x36"
"Landscape with Old House" Oil, 1998-2000
"The Orange Calf" Oil, 1960's, 11x14"
"Two Fishermen" Oil, 1950's-60's, 14x24"
"Murder of Emmet Till" Oil, 1955, 22x48"
"All for Money" Oil, 1939, 22"x 6'
"Alabama Lynching" Oil, 1960's, 34"x 8'4"
"Glory" Oil, Vietnam War Era, 2'x 5'4"
"Gem of the Ocean - Columbia" Oil, 1968, 34"x 8'4"
"Mothers and Children" Oil, 1960's, 3'x 3'1"
"Died a Child" Oil, Vietnam War Era, 32x40"
"War" Oil, 1999, 5'2"x 9'
"Mutation (On the Environment)" Oil, 32x34"
"Comment on Vietnam" Oil (Detail)
"Song of the Flowers and War" Oil, 1960's, 5'4"x 5'6"
"Horror of War" Oil, Vietnam War Era
"Comment on Vietnam" (Detail) Oil, 1968
"On the Farm - Children with Peacocks" Oil on burlap, 1960's, 32x35"
"Comment on Vietnam" Oil, 2'10"x 15'
"Boomerang" Oil, 2001
"Guns Sold to the Enemy" Oil, 1965, 3'9"x 4'2"
"Guns Kill" Oil, 2001-04, 2x3'
"Thanksgiving - Thank You Slaves" Oil, 1997, 6'6"x 5'3"
"Royal Tentacles" Oil, 1995, 3x7'
"Corporate Rule" Oil, 1990's, 3x4'
"Her Children are Your Children (Mother Earth)" Oil, 1960's, 4'x 6'4"
"Kapital by Force and Violence" (Detail) Oil, 1990's, 4'4"x 9'
"Living Off the Farmworkers" (Detail) Oil, 4'2"x 11'
"Prostitution of Women/Degredation of Women" Oil, 1990's
"Slaves" Oil, 1990's, 4'4"x 9'
"Crucified" (Detail) Oil, 1990's, 6'x 12'6"
"Crucified" (Detail) Oil, 1990's, 6'x 12'6"
"Couple Fishing in Sausalito" Oil, 1958, 40x26"
"Down Through the Ages Through Roses and Flame" Oil on Burlap, 1960s, 34"x7'
"Ramy at the Casa Madrone" Oil on board, 1950's, 14x16"
"Family with Bird" Oil, 1960's, 30x36"
"Tiptoe Through the Homeless" Oil, 1995, 5x8'
"Kaleidoscope of War" Oil, 1960's, 5'6"x 5'9" (Detail)
"x9' .jpg
"Family" Oil, 1939-44
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