I am delighted to have you as a visitor see my late mother's artwork. What can you do when you have been left an art collection including over fifty social-protest murals of an artist who refused to be commercial and wanted to say something with her art? You can moan and groan that all this art is squirreled away and lost to view or you take the art to your audience. You can go online.

Mary loved sharing her art with others, and we hope after viewing her work you will feel you have seen an unique artist who felt lucky she could say what she wanted through her art. Throughout her long life, Mary created all kinds of work, with all kinds of themes, but it was all grounded in her belief that an artist , granted he or she has the ability, has a responsibility to work for a more humane world. She, like so many of her fellow artists, was influenced by the Great Depression and her activist involvement as a WPA artist in New York City.

This site has given us a chance to share Mary's art and life, and we hope you will find it a worthwhile and wonderful experience.

- Ramie Streng