"Mother with Baby" Charcoal, 1950's, 8x9"
"Horses with Figure and Bird" Pencil
"Nina Simone" Pencil, 1960's, 9x11"
"Pavarotti Singing" Pencil, 2000, 12x18"
"May Day" Pencil, 9x12"
"Sketch of Model" Red felt tip, 1980'sv
"The Chess Game" Ink, 1956, 11x15"
"Man with Hands in Pockets" Pencil, 1953-54
"Two Burros" Pastel (oil)
"San Francisco Couple" Ink, 1954, 12x15"
"Horse" Pastel, 1960's
P1040442 (1).jpg
"Rich at What Cost?" Ink, 1990's, 6x9"
"Picket Line - San Francisco" Conte, 1950's
"Artist Sketching" Red felt tip
"Horses Under the Tree with the White Bird" Pastel, 1960's
"Two Cows" Conte, 1960's
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